We’re bursting with pride as we share some amazing news straight from the lanes of triumph at New World International School’s Swimming Gala! 

Let’s give a resounding cheer for our talented stars who not only embraced the water with confidence but also clinched top spots.

Namish, taking the gold, Aashana securing the silver, and Mishka gracefully claiming the bronze – you’ve made us beam with joy!

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These victories go beyond medals; they embody the spirit of resilience, skill, and the joy of learning that defines BritSwim. Our commitment to nurturing young swimmers goes hand in hand with teaching life-saving skills, instilling confidence, and fostering a love for the water.

To Namish, Aashana, Mishka, and all our young champs: Your achievements are a testament to your dedication and the guidance of our incredible coaches. Keep making waves, and remember, this is just the beginning of your aquatic adventures!

If you’re curious about our swim programs simply check all details and join the excitement!

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