Every person learns differently, and at their own pace. We’ve seen students new to swimming excel in just a couple of half-hour lessons. Others have a longer learning curve. Still others may learn certain skills with ease, but find other tasks more challenging.

How long it takes to learn any skill will depend to a certain extent on natural aptitude, and more importantly attitude. You get out of lessons what you put in, and practice makes perfect, particularly with swimming, as the body moves through water differently than it does on land. And not all students have the same goal; BritSwim teaches kids who are total beginners, whose parents are looking to get their kids confident and safe in a pool environment. We also teach adults, who want to improve their stamina and strokes. And still others who want ongoing classes for fun and fitness.

Previous swimming experience and a student’s feelings towards water are also key – has the student had positive or negative experiences in water? Do they enjoy themselves in the pool? Many beginners are cautious at first; some are actively fearful; others are confident but lack awareness of water safety. BritSwim teaches not only swimming skills, but water safety. It’s our priority to get our students familiar with water, safe in it, and loving the experience.

Lastly, we can provide quality, engaging, and effective lessons, but if time in the pool is limited to class – most students find it difficult to commit to a schedule of more frequent classes – then you won’t see progress happening as fast as it could.

Like anything in life – learning to walk, or a new language or instrument – swimming students need to practice.

The more you do, the quicker you develop.

So, while the answer to this question could be “how long is a piece of string?”, BritSwim lessons are all about moving students along at their own pace, improving them step by step while ensuring they are happy in class, and learning how to stay safe.


BritSwim will never give a guarantee on how many lessons a student may need, and the reason is simple: with swimming, you should never push beyond what a student is comfortable with. That method of teaching just results in trauma and tension, and we understand that a cut-and-paste approach will never work in swimming lessons. BritSwim teachers want every student to leave each of their swimming classes having learned all they can, proud of their achievements, and with a smile on their face.

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