Hey there, fellow water lovers and design enthusiasts!

Today, we’re diving deep into the pool of personality to introduce you to one of the brightest stars at BritSwim – the incredible Abdulrahman, affectionately known as Woody!


From pool splasher to swim guru. Imagine a little Abdulrahman, barely taller than a pool noodle, splashing around with pure joy. His love for swimming began long before most of us even knew how to tie our shoelaces. Fast forward to 2014, and he officially becomes a swimming teacher. His mission? To make learning to swim as delightful as a day at the water park!

Meet woody’s biggest fan. Remember Woody from Toy Story? Well, Abdulrahman is a huge fan! We’re pretty sure that in his downtime, he moonlights as a cowboy. Maybe it’s the adventurous spirit or the “reach for the stars” attitude that makes him a legendary coach. Yeehaw!

Oman’s hidden gem hunter. When he’s not helping kids become fish in the pool, Abdulrahman transforms into a real-life explorer. He’s out there uncovering Oman’s hidden gems, from mesmerizing wadis to sandy beaches. We’re convinced he has a secret treasure map!

Designing dreams, one stroke at a time. But hold on to your goggles, there’s more! Abdulrahman isn’t just a swim coach; he’s also a design dynamo. Yes, you read that right! He’s got an eye for design that can turn any room into a masterpiece. Colour swatches and flip turns – he’s got it all!

Art lover and music maestro. And that’s not all – Abdulrahman is also an art aficionado and a classic music lover. He can go from teaching the butterfly stroke to discussing the beauty of a Van Gogh painting in the blink of an eye. Multitalented, indeed!

So, there you have it – Abdulrahman, our Water Wizard, and Design Dynamo.

He’s a jack-of-all-trades, a lover of all things water, a design guru, an art enthusiast, and a music maestro. But most importantly, he’s the one who ensures that swimming lessons are not just lessons but a splashing good time!

Stay tuned for more friendly introductions to the incredible BritSwim team. We’re all about making waves, both in the pool and in life!

Coach Abdulrahman BritSwim
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