At BritSwim, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Heart of Hospitality to provide swimming lessons to their dedicated cabin crew trainees.

As a renowned swimming school committed to safety, skill development, and building water confidence, we are honoured to be selected as the preferred swimming provider for this exceptional training program. Our comprehensive lessons cover essential swimming skills, boost swimming confidence, and impart valuable rescue techniques. We are excited to embark on this journey of transforming aspiring cabin crew members into strong and capable swimmers.

The swimming lessons take place at the lap pool of the Intercontinental Hotel Muscat, offering a conducive environment for both pool and land-based training sessions.

BritSwim Cabin Crew Course 7
BritSwim Cabin Crew Course 6
BritSwim Cabin Crew Course 5
BritSwim Cabin Crew Course 3

The sessions accommodate a maximum of 12 trainees, ensuring personalised attention and optimal learning outcomes. To ensure a comfortable and inclusive learning environment, we provide experienced female teachers for the sessions.

The program will span four months, with four sessions per month, totaling 16 engaging and transformative swimming lessons. Our aim is to equip each trainee with lifelong swimming abilities, ensuring their safety and confidence in any aquatic environment.

Upon successful completion of the swimming lessons, each participant will receive a certificate to acknowledge their achievement. 

Our collaboration with Heart of Hospitality represents a significant step in empowering cabin crew trainees with vital swimming skills. We are excited to embark on this rewarding journey, helping individuals develop their water competence, rescue techniques, and overall confidence in the pool and beyond. We are confident that trainees will gain essential swimming abilities that will serve them well throughout their careers.

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