At BritSwim, water safety education is our priority. Always. Since day 1.

We go beyond teaching swimming strokes to equip our students with a comprehensive set of skills that ensure safety in and around the water.

Water safety BritSwim

Survival Skills

Learning goes beyond strokes.

Our students gain vital survival skills like treading water, floating, and controlled breathing.

These skills create a strong foundation for staying afloat and calm in emergencies.

Imagine a situation where a child accidentally falls into deep water. Thanks to our survival skills training, the child knows how to stay afloat, control her breath, and stay calm until help arrives. These skills create a strong foundation for staying safe in unexpected situations.

Water Rescue Techniques

We believe everyone can be a potential lifeguard.

Our training includes basic rescue techniques, teaching students how to assist someone in distress and call for help. These skills empower them to be confident helpers in aquatic situations.

Picture a scenario where you notice a friend struggling in the water. With our water rescue training, you would be able to safely approach your friend, provide support, and shout for assistance if needed. These skills empower anyone to be confident helpers and potentially save lives.

Hazard Awareness

Being safe means being aware.

We educate our students about water hazards – from pool edges to safe entry and exit points – enabling them to recognise and respond effectively, whether they’re at the pool.

Again, imagine a child who accidentally ventures into the deeper end of the pool. Thanks to our hazard awareness training, the child knows how to swim to the side, hold on to the edge, and call for help if needed. This proactive approach ensures Alex’s safety and builds a foundation of awareness.

BritSwim’s commitment to comprehensive water safety prepares our students for a lifetime of safe pool experiences.

If you’re looking for a swimming school, remember that the best choice should provide life-saving safety education alongside excellent swimming instruction. Join us in creating water-smart individuals who not only excel in swimming but also prioritise safety.

Dive into education that saves lives!


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