Your kids are unique – you know it and we know it.

At BritSwim, we insist on meeting each and every one of our students before they join a class, so we can get to know them as individuals, as well as ascertain their water familiarity and skills.

Our group placements are based on so much more than their age and their swimming level. Once we’ve held the assessment for a new student, we’ll go through our schedules and find a class with kids of a similar age, outlook, attitude, and experience, that also fits in with your schedule.

So we treat them like that when finding the right group for them, too. BritSwim will never assign a class to a child based purely on age and whether they are a ‘beginner’ or not; kids are people, and as such they are nuanced and unique.

Here’s an example – we just completed the assessment for Sara.

From this, we now know that she’s nearly 7, and has experience in the pool, but hasn’t had any lessons, and doesn’t yet know how to move in water.

She likes to go under the water, and hasn’t learnt to exhale yet. Sara’s reserved, but very keen to learn (she watches her cousins in the pool on weekends and wants to be able to join in with them) and listens well. 

Her father is often travelling for work so her mother will be bringing her to classes, which means Sara can only attend after 5pm, and not at all on weekends.

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From all that, the BritSwim teachers will check our schedules, to see which class would work best for Sara – she’s a little shy, so which group has the right mix of kids that will inspire Sara without intimidating her?

She’s quite new to the water, so which pool will be the least intimidating for her to be able to do this without distraction or fear? She’s a good listener so will likely learn fast – in which class will she have the best opportunity to develop?

Only once we’ve gone decided on the best group for Sara do we offer options to her parents. We invest time in finding the right class for each student to make our teaching even more effective, and to give your child the proper environment to thrive.

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