Don’t settle for a poor performance – or even dangerous – swim school. Your choice of swim school can have a huge impact on your child’s experience in the water, during lessons and for the rest of their lives. A swimming teacher who distresses your child, who forces them to do things they’re not comfortable with, or who fails to keep them safe – that’s going to result in trauma, fear, or an outright phobia. A swimming teacher who is unengaged, unfocused, or just plain boring – you’ll end up having to drag your child to class, and worry over whether they’re being kept safe. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not that way at BritSwim.

What makes BritSwim different?

Part of BritSwim’s hiring process is based on our company culture – we don’t just want great teachers, we want great people. And great people have empathy and respect for others. It’s always amazing to us that there are swimming teachers out there who seem to think that these qualities are optional. When a parent puts their child in the hands of a swimming teacher, they are taking a huge risk. Wouldn’t you want the person responsible for the life of your child, even for just 30 minutes a week, to be understanding and thoughtful?

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If you respect your students, you put their needs first.

They are people: what they do in your lessons should be based on who they are, not what boxes management wants you to tick.

But this is about more than respect. It’s about doing what WORKS. If you find a swimming school that promises to get your child performing X skill by Y date – run.

They’re running a factory, not a school.

Think about it: how can they possibly know what your child will be able or willing to do in class?

And if your child is not able, or not willing to do a skill “on time”…what will that teacher do to get that box ticked?

We’ve seen this way too often. A student doesn’t want to go to the deep end, or dive underwater, say – but the teacher wants them to, because management is watching, because they promised the parent, or because they want to get it over and done with.

And so they force the student. What does that achieve?

Plenty, for the teacher – they tick the box, management is satisfied, the parent gets what they think is their money’s worth.

At BritSwim, there is only ONE reason we take a child to the deep end, or have them dive underwater – because THAT STUDENT IS READY TO DO SO.

Anything else is business, not education. And it’s not even good business. We know that, because every single week, more than a quarter of our new students are coming to us with trauma – from other swim schools.

If your child is one of the students who have suffered unnecessarily at the hands of teachers rushing them, or if you want to avoid this happening in the first place – get in touch to book your BritSwim assessment, with teachers who respect your child’s right to progress at their own pace.


Building connection and trust: at BritSwim, knowing students’ names, preferences, and learning styles is crucial to creating effective, enjoyable, and safe swimming lessons.

Prioritising safety and engagement: BritSwim’s commitment to in-pool teaching and constant assessment sets us apart in a field where negligence can be potentially lethal.

Empathy, communication, and positive feedback: Britswim’s in-house training program prioritises not only teaching skills, but also empathy and communication to create a safe, supportive, and encouraging learning environment.

Honesty and trust: learn how BritSwim’s commitment to transparency and respect sets us apart from other swimming schools, and why honesty is key to building trust with fearful beginners.

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