From the age of four months, to three years old, the most effective, and the safest, structure for learning swimming is within a parent-and-child class. These classes are a great way to introduce your child to the pool, to increase their abilities, and to learn how to keep them safe in and around water.

As the name suggests, parent-and-child classes involve the parent being in the pool with their child. This is a fantastic way to familiarise your child with the basics of swimming, and you’ll see their confidence grow, while you share a fun and exciting experience together. 

BritSwim Parent Child classes Muscat

Your child will develop skills and knowledge; you will learn how best to encourage them and keep them safe.

Age-appropriate games and activities introduce your child to the joys of swimming, and step by step their independence in the water will increase.

BritSwim’s parent-and-child swimming lessons are designed to feed into our youngest group classes, KickStart, which children can move into at the age of three.

We’re often asked if fathers can bring their children to these classes – the answer is, absolutely! It’s a wonderful experience for all concerned, and certainly not limited to mothers. 

Another frequently asked question: does the parent need to be able to swim to come to parent-and-child classes? No: the parent will not have to do more than submerge their face, and their feet won’t ever be off the pool floor. We do find that non-swimming parents become more confident in water as a result of these sessions – and of course we always recommend learning to swim for every age!

We’re also sometimes asked if babies can be taught by a teacher without a parent in the pool – the answer to that is, BritSwim would never teach a baby without the hands-on presence and loving support of a parent. It’s not effective, and it’s less likely to lead to a child coming to class happily and learning to love the water. This is likely a baby’s first experience in a swimming class, and we do everything possible to ensure that it’s a comfortable, enjoyable, and secure one for each student.

BritSwim’s parent-and-child swimming lessons are held at several pools in Muscat, all conducted by qualified British swimming instructors. Get in touch to find our more about registering for these highly sought-after swimming classes. It’s an amazing experience you and your baby can enjoy together!

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