Decent swimming gear is really helpful in lessons; the better the kit, the more comfortable the student, the easier it is to focus on learning. So here’s what you’ll need.

Goggles. Probably the most important piece of kit you’ll buy, goggles will help everyone from the absolute beginner to the triathlete to get the most out of their swimming lessons. Avoiding water splashing in the eyes, giving optimum visibility, and, for kids, opening up the underwater world for fun and games – think treasure hunts, silly face competitions, and bottom-of-the-pool puzzles. The most important factors with goggles are the seal and the strap – both of which contribute comfort. Be aware that there are several age ranges for goggles, from infant through junior up to adult, which then breaks down into categories like racing, leisure, training, and so on. The goggles with a split strap are the best for staying on with minimal movement; go for an easy-to-adjust pair for beginners, as they will likely need to become comfortable with wearing them.

Hat. A swimming hat is necessary for anyone with hair of shoulder-length or longer.

Get the fabric ones, as these are easy to fit on both before and during class.

We are aware of some adorable designs of rubber swimming hat – those cartoon shark fins are very cool.

But when they come off in a lesson, rubber hats are monumentally tricky to get back onto a wet head.

Swimwear. During swimming lessons, your child will have to wear a proper swimming outfit.

There are some great options out there with UV protective properties; in the sunshine of Oman, it’s always best to err on the side of sun-safety.


Here’s what not to bring to the pool for your swimming lessons: any jewelry whatsoever – it can be lost, or worse, dangerous in the pool; water wings or other flotation devices – we’ll provide any equipment necessary; regular t-shirt and shorts to swim in – clothes are not designed for swimming in, and will weigh a swimmer down.

And two more swimming essentials: a nice fluffy towel for after the class, and drinking water for before, during, and after class.

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